To listen to the music of Matthias Broede please go to his Bandcamp site: https://matthiasbroede.bandcamp.com

BROEDE SCHIRMER UNIT: „Berlin, Germany“ (FMR Records, 2022)

FOUR ON THE OUTSIDE: „Inside“ (Toy Piano Records, 2021)

MATTHIAS BROEDE: „Mat Broede Solo Vol.1“ (Bandcamp, 2021)

BROEDE KALIMA SCHRÖDER: „Wheres is Wedding ?“ (Unit Records, 2017)

BROEDE VIER: “Instinct to Play” (Jazzwerkstatt, 2013)

MATTHIAS BROEDE SPEAK TRES: “Space Between Intervals”(Quadrant Records, 2012)

„EL MAT plays Jazz Classics – Trio & Quartet Recordings 2006 – 2009“ (Bandcamp, 2021)

MATTHIAS BROEDE CHAMBER TRIO: “From East To West:Strange Beauty Of The World” (Mr.D.Music, 2003)

MATTHIAS BROEDE QUINTET: “European Faces feat.Wolfgang Engstfeld” (GLM, 1999)

He also recorded as a sideman with the Norbert Gottschalk Band “Two Sessions” (Dr.Jazz Records, 1993) and “Light Weight Sight” (Dr.Jazz Records, 1988) which won an award from the “Deutsche Schallplatten Kritik” , with the Axel Fischbacher Group “Moods” (Blue Flame, 1989) and “Spots From The Academy” (Dr.Jazz Records, 1994) and with Othella Dallas a Live-CD at the Stadtgarten Cologne “Fever For Bluesy Jazz” (Mons Records, 1995) .